Alberta Street Fair booth
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Street Fairs — a Vending Adventure

Apologies for the long silence! I’ve got so much to catch you up on… Learning new crafts. Trying new methods on old crafts. And, the biggest thing of all, selling Tincture Craft creations live this summer!

It’s been quite a bit of prep to go from vending online with Etsy to vending live, but I just wrapped up my first live vending adventure this past Saturday at the Alberta Street Fair in Portland, OR. Here’s the booth that I shared with my friend Celeste from LOOT Jewelry.

Alberta Street Fair booth
Tincture Craft / LOOT Jewelry booth at the Alberta Street Fair

And here’s our neighbor across the street — the infamous Voodoo Donuts truck! Oh the temptation!!

Voodoo Donuts truck
Voodoo Donuts!

Despite the long week of preparation, we had a great time and can’t wait to do it again this coming Sunday at the Hawthorne Street Fair. If you’re in the Portland, Oregon area, stop by and see us; we’ll be located somewhere between 34th and 37th. Or you can swing by the Belmont Street Fair in September. Hope to see you there! And I promise more craft posts soon…

2 thoughts on “Street Fairs — a Vending Adventure”

  1. I loved vending. Maybe in the morning I was grumpy or even a bit depressed, still I geared up and hit the street. I pumped up to meet my first customer but within a short time the energy of people and transaction fed me until I was roaring with good will.
    Your booth is beautiful, by the way. Mmm, shade.

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