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Sacred Heart Shrine Craft

I came across these adorable little shrine kits at my local craft store, Collage, and just had to make one! If you live in or around Portland, OR, I suggest you head on over to Collage and get yourself one (they have a bunch of different styles). If you’re not fortunate to have a nifty store like Collage within convenient distance of your crafting den, you can also get them here. I didn’t document the process and materials I used while making it (sorry about that), but I wanted to share this idea anyway since it’s so cute so I took some photos along the way. Of course, I did a couple internet searches for inspiration and the Frida shrine here was one of my favorites.


I did mine up with a variety of paints, distressing inks and glitters. I rubber stamped a bit of parchment paper with script, creating the cover for the top heart layer and then played around with Mod Podge Dimensional Magic to create the clear and shiny raised portion on the red heart.


I had some gold fabric paper which I positioned to show in the window of the shrine, but it didn’t pop as much as I wanted so I drew a bit of scrollwork around the edges with a fine point Sharpie and then repeated a similar scroll around the edge of the red heart layer to tie it together.


Since I was working this shrine up with my friend Rebecca, a writer, in mind, I also screwed a tiny eyehook into the top of the window to hang a charm styled after an antique typewriter key and finished the inside edges of the window with gold glitter to really set off the gold fabric paper, scrollwork and “R” charm. I then hot glued a bit of lace to the back to give the entire shrine an extra dimension.

Voila! Heart shrine for someone special!

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